Our framed prints are made to order by a professional team, therefore the lead time is usually around 4 days.
We offer three types of frames. 
    Our white and black Frames are made from real wood with a high quality paint finish. Flat shaped black/white coloured picture frame moulding.
    Our Natural Oak frame has a beautiful natural barefaced finish made from real oak wood. 
    We use acrylic glazing 1.5mm Premium Synthetic Glass on our framed prints. An alternative to traditional glass which is scratch-resistant, does not discolour and can be delivered safely.

    Frame Delivery + Dispatch
    All Framed Prints are sent via a next day courier service. We'll give you a heads up once it's on the way. If a tracking number is provided, we will update your order status page.

    All frames arrive in a protective sleeve are ready to hang straight out of the box. The archival tape gives an extra level of safety and stability to the print position without compromising the paper or print design, with a strong cord at the back to allow for precise placement on the wall.
    No assembly is required, your frame is ready to hang or gift immediately. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will my frames arrive safely?
    Absolutely. These boxes are hard to damage, trust us on this. Purchasing frames over the internet can sometimes be nerve racking, but be assured the packaging used to protect our frames is of the highest quality. 


    Can I expect a lower quality paper quality for my framed prints? 
    No. We researched extensively to find a framing partner who understood our high paper and printing standards. No quality is compromised for framed prints.